As long as 'better' is possible,
'good' is not good enough.


Professional background

I have a doctorate in mechanical engineering (laser material processing - sensor technology) with a well-founded basic training. Professionally, I gained extensive experience as a controller, project manager, key account manager, development manager and managing director. In addition to working for an automobile manufacturer, I gained experience with various subcontractors (Tier 1) in the automotive sector.


Extract from my project list:

Initial situation Task Result
Series start-up OEM endangered
open: systems / process development / training
Ensuring milestones and component quality On-time process and product approval by end customers
Series start-up OEM endangered
open: supplier / constructive detailed design / test planning (DVP)
Critical time window for renovation of hot rolling mill
open: on-time delivery of high-quality supply units
Supplier selection
Experiment planning
Component design
Logistics planning
Progress control of Chinese suppliers
Status coordination with suppliers
Priced supplier found
constructive design optimization development / coordination of test planning
Coordination logistics
On-site inspection of suppliers, risk assessment
Development of controlling systems
Meeting deadlines
Start of series production exceeded for several months (Industrie 4.0 factory)
open: commercial coordination with plant suppliers
Commercial evaluation of residual deliveries Agreements with suppliers including coordination penalties

• Customers include Sumiriko, ThyssenKrupp, Vibracoustic, Autoliv, Continental, Rittal, Fengdi (China) ...
• Collaboration with VW, Porsche, AUDI, BMW, FORD and Mercedes
• Projects in Tunisia, France, China ... completed
• Over 25 years of professional experience
• On demand: Detailed project list, Credentials

Education and training

I claim to be familiar with modern methods and techniques. These are, for example, modern development techniques (e.g. design thinking), organizational forms (e.g. agile project management, project management according to PMI, change management) as well as methods for conflict resolution (e.g. mediation). I developed basic knowledge about IATF 16949, VDA 6.3, negotiation, neuroscience, multicultural cooperation and similar topics in the course of my professional life.

„I would be happy to advise you by email at or use my offer to make a call on +49 163 - 55 39 66 1.“

Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Graën PMP

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