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Project crisis - management at the limit

The delivery date of a new or revised product to the customer is usually very important in almost all industries because there is a risk of losing market share (postponement of the market launch date) and even if delivery commitments are not met, contractual penalties may be payable. Delay in delivery leads to additional costs that can only be partially passed on to the suppliers. In the automotive industry, the SOP (start of production) is an important milestone, for which for the first time all newly developed parts are required for the assembly of customer vehicles. If the supplier's parts cannot be delivered in accordance with the specification, a conflict develops between the automobile manufacturer and the supplier. A project termination is no longer economically viable at this point, so the project has to be renovated and measures to comply with the SOP have to be implemented. A stop in production at the automobile manufacturer should be avoided in any case for cost reasons.

The situations described lead to tensions between customers and suppliers and within the project team. In extreme cases, the supplier may face an existential situation. As a rule, there are no standard solutions, so that the uncertainty at the supplier increases and a feeling of threat develops among those involved. In this conflict situation, the cooperation is very emotional and is burdened with accusations of guilt, so that the actual factual issues are often neglected.

In detail, the situation may be as follows:

  • Project completion date is unclear
  • Budgets are exceeded
  • Your customer urges delivery of the goods
  • Discussions are very emotional
  • Subcontractors, systems or parts do not meet the specifications
  • Unrealistic plans are presented
  • Despite overtime, the project is not progressing
  • The complexity of the project becomes more complex and can hardly be grasped

The decision-makers often face following question:

  • Which project goals cannot be achieved and how big are the deviations?
  • What would have to happen so that you still achieve your goals?
  • Can the project be successfully completed without changing the system (organization, staff, technology, process ...)?
  • How can the team be enabled to achieve a project turnaround?
  • Assuming you know an experienced project renovator, would you hire him?
My offer: I also make your project successful - successful turnaround management since 2007!

My offer: I also make your project successful - successful turnaround management since 2007!

Here are five reasons why I should support you in your project turnaround:

  • I have many years of experience in project renovation and also in various positions in Business life
  • I communicate at all levels and also with your customers and suppliers
  • Reducing complexity and creating new structures is my core competence
  • The implementation is tailored to your needs and requirements.
  • To empower your employees and to lead the project to success together ensures yours Business success

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